This is the document given to residents entering Kestrel Grove.
A large print version is available for download on our downloads page.

Welcome to Kestrel Grove a Private Residential and Nursing Home for the Elderly



Founded in 1966 in the former headquarters of fighter command at Stanmore, Kestrel Grove maintains the highest standards of care and comfort for the elderly. The magnificent principal mansion has been extended over the years by the construction of two modern wings, designed in sympathy with the old architecture. The home is now registered to look after 57 residents with private rooms, many of which have full en suite facilities. The buildings stand in 5 acres of beautiful gardens overlooking the countryside, yet only 12 miles from the centre of London.

We are extremely proud of the reputation that we have gained since opening, always striving to offer the very best of service to all our residents. The management and all the staff will provide a service that they would be more than happy to offer their own loved ones, within the luxurious surroundings we are fortunate to work within.

In the homely and relaxed atmosphere, every possible need is catered for. A modern and well equipped kitchen maintains high standards of cuisine and can cater for all dietary requirements. Public rooms include an elegant and spacious lounge, a sun lounge and conservatory both with television: also a large dining room for those who prefer not to eat in their own accommodation. All rooms have a nurse call facility and those upstairs are served either by the passenger lift or the two stair lifts.

In House Services

Room Service

Room service is available from 07.30 am to 07.00 pm.

Staff will provide a full range of refreshments throughout the day for all residents and their visitors free of charge. Either ask a member of staff or telephone extension 314 for the New Wing or 326 for the Main House.


Any other request such as sandwiches or guest lunches will need to be ordered through the kitchen on extension 317.


Should you require any maintenance in your room, we have a full on site maintenance team who will be happy to oblige. This may include things such as hanging pictures, moving furniture, changing light bulbs, or any adjustments to your room to make you more comfortable.

Routine maintenance will be reported by members of staff and will be dealt with in the course of their normal duties.


All rooms have television points and televisions will be provided should you not bring your own.

All rooms  have Satellite points and DAB Radio. You will be required to organise your own Sky installation and Digibox if you do not already have a service. If you require help with this please ask at reception on extension 310.


Wireless internet is available throughout the building.  The home also has a laptop and an iPad for residents use on request.


All residents will be asked if they require a newspaper or magazine on admission. Should you wish to order a publication or journal, please ask any member of staff or telephone reception on 310.


All linen and towels are provided by the home. Please request more pillows or blankets if required. If you wish to provide your own linen please ensure that they are suitably marked.

Personal laundry will be collected on a daily basis and returned the following day. There is a charge of £10.00 per week for personal laundry as some families prefer to take items of clothing home to be washed.

All personal laundry should be appropriately labelled before admission. If this is not possible the laundry will order labels for you and will sew them in as items appear. Kestrel Grove can not be held responsible for missing items should they not be marked properly.

Special Aids

Trained nurses will assess all new residents. Items such as zimmer frames, raised toilet seats, toilet frames and wheelchairs are free of charge.

Should you require specialist equipment, there may be a charge.

Chargeable items are as follows (unless free nursing contribution is provided by the Harrow PCT):

  • Roho Cushion
  • Roho Mattress
  • Harvest Supreme air mattress or similar
  • Recliner chairs:
    The home does have a selection of recliner chairs for general use. Residents must purchase their own recliner chair should they want one. They range from approximately £600 to £1500 for a dual motor and come in various shapes and sizes.


All rooms have telephone points and can be connected on request. The system is an internal system although all call charges are set at British Telecom rates. All charges will be billed according to calls made and a nominal rental of £2.00 per week.

You will be provided with your own personal telephone number for direct dialling or calls can be transferred during office hours to your room.

Internal extensions:

  • Reception 310
  • Matron’s Office 316
  • New Wing Nurse 325
  • New Wing Tray Room 314
  • Main Wing Tray Room 326
  • New Wing Laundry 313
  • Main Wing Laundry 318

All telephones supplied by British Telecom are compatible with the system. Use all telephones in the normal way ie you are not required to dial any number to get an outside line.

Fire Alarm

A weekly fire alarm test will be carried out every Wednesday morning.

Details of the nearest fire exit are enclosed on the map of the building.


We have organised social events on a regular basis. The following is a list of the weekly entertainment program:

MONDAY Arts and Crafts, Computer Club
TUESDAY 2.30PM   Bingo in the Dining Room, Bridge
WEDNESDAY Doctor’s Round am, Visiting entertainers come and sing or play music
THURSDAY Movement to music, Cinema evening
FRIDAY 11.00 AM Drinks party in Main Wing Lounge
General Barbecues- weather permitting, barbecues are held in the grounds and tables set in the garden on various days during the summer
Cabaret Evenings, Outings, Pub Lunches, Chinese take away etc are also arranged
Carers will come and sit with residents in the afternoons and help with jig saw puzzles and play various box games etc.   They also will take residents for a walk or wheel in the grounds.

All suggestions are very welcome to enhance your stay with us.

Visiting Services

  • Hairdressing
  • Optician
  • Manicurist
  • Library
  • Chiropodist
  • Aromatherapy/Holistic treatments
  • Dentist
  • Physiotherapy
  • Religion
    • C of E
    • Jewish (on request)
    • The Christian Community
    • Catholic

Kestrel Grove Complaints Procedure

Kestrel Grove regards all complaints seriously however trivial.  All complaints from residents’ relatives or visitors must be made to the Proprietor or Sister in charge.  Your complaint will be dealt with by that member of staff and will be resolved where possible.  Investigations will be thorough, impartial and where appropriate, take into account all the people involved.

Staff responding to any complaint either from a Service User, Relative or themselves must inform the person in charge and or the Care Manager as soon as possible.

A record is kept of all complaints made and includes details of investigation and any action taken.  This record is kept in the Nursing Office.  All complaints are dealt with promptly and effectively within a maximum of 28 days.

Once your complaint has been fully dealt with by Kestrel Grove, if you are not satisfied with the outcome you can refer your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) and ask for it to be reviewed. The LGO provides a free, independent service.

The LGO Advice Team can be contacted for information and advice, or to register your complaint:

T: 0300 061 0614

E: [email protected]


The LGO will not usually investigate a complaint until the provider has had an opportunity to

respond and resolve matters.

Our service is registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC

cannot get involved in individual complaints about providers, but is happy to receive information

about our services at any time. You can contact the CQC at:

Care Quality Commission National Correspondence
Newcastle upon Tyne

T: 03000 616161   W:

Statement of Terms and Conditions

Residents are accepted on the following terms and conditions. Prior to taking up residence, these terms shall be accepted by the client or his/her representative by signing these terms and conditions. It is our sincerest intention to provide a comfortable and homely environment suited to each individual’s requirements. We will undertake to consult with residents and or their representative to ensure their interest in all matters pertaining to their well-being.

Resident’s shall initially be accommodated on a trial basis of four weeks. If at, or before the expiry of the trial period, the resident or the home should decide that permanent residence would not be satisfactory, for whatever reason, residence shall terminate on notice in writing from either side, and the resident shall vacate the home at an agreed time.

The fees for room currently payable are £ per week, (in words)

payable every four weeks in advance by cheque, standing order or cash.

Fees include the cost of residential care and accommodation. The nursing element of the fee is charged to the Primary Care Trust and will depend on the level of dependency. This amount will be shown on your account leaving a net figure as quoted.

The fee quoted covers accommodation, food, light and heat.

Fees do not cover personal laundry, newspapers, telephone calls, hairdressing, chiropody, dry cleaning, dentistry, optical treatment, or specialist equipment.

Fees for less than one week will be calculated at a daily rate of 1/7 th of the weekly fee. Each part of the day will be calculated as a whole day.

Fees are generally reviewed annually. However, changing legistlation can have a considerable impact on costs which must invariably be reflected in fees. In such instances there may need to be an interim review. The home reserves the right to increase fees if running costs justify it.

Four weeks notice in writing will be given of any change of fees.

The resident or their representative who signs this agreement assumes personal joint and several responsibility and liability to pay all fees, sundry charges, extras, etc as may be claimed under this agreement on demand.

In the event of non-payment of fees, the resident may, upon written notice, be asked to vacate the home unless full payment is received within 7 days. Any outstanding fees will then be reclaimed through legal proceedings.

Four weeks’ notice or payment in lieu will be required should a resident decide to leave the home, except when the departure results from the death or sudden illness of the client, in which case no notice will be required. Rooms will be charged up until and including the day the room is cleared of personal effects.

Individual staff are forbidden to accept gratuities. Donations to staff and residents comfort funds may however be paid to the home which holds accounts on their behalf.

Personal Possesions

Personal possessions are encouraged and all possessions will remain the property of the resident. However, items of significant value should not be brought into the home. The proprietors can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal items.

Furnishings and Furniture

Residents are encouraged to bring items of their own furniture and furnishings, in order to personalise their rooms. All items brought into the home must comply with fire resistance requirements as laid down by the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988. Furniture made before 1950 is exempt from these regulations. The home will refuse to allow furniture to be brought into the home if it is suspected that there may be a fire risk.

Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances are subject to testing to ensure safety and the home will not allow unsafe appliances to be used in the home. The resident will be given the opportunity to have equipment repaired or replaced to bring it to the required standard


The home is properly insured by Ecclesiastical Insurance Group. Personal property is insured up to £1000.00 per resident. Personal property that is not covered by the homes policy will require separate cover.

Smoking and Fire Regulations

To comply with fire regulations and for safety of all, residents who wish, or are allowed, to smoke may only do so in designated areas, under supervision and at the resident’s own risk. Visitors should sign the visitors book and familiarise themselves with the fire exits and drills. Lifts must not be used in the event of a fire or emergency.


There are no restriction on visiting times, Visitors, including children and well behaved pets are more than welcome at any time. If a meal is required by a visitor, this can be provided for a nominal charge. Beverages are provided free of charge.


All residents medication will be supervised and administered by the home unless a resident wishes to self medicate. Under self medication, resident’s must store all medication in a locked container which is secured to a fixed point as supplied by the home.

Medical Report

Kestrel Grove does require a Doctors report, with the full medical history of the resident up to the time of admission.


An inventory will be made on admission to Kestrel Grove of all personal effects of the resident. If anything is added or removed from Kestrel Grove, Matron must be notified so that the inventory can be updated.