Every effort will be made to reduce the person’s anxieties immediately on arrival. An important step in achieving this is by being welcomed by familiar faces, if possible the person who carried out the assessment and any other members of staff the resident has met will be present during the admission, relatives or friends are also encouraged to attend.

To make the Resident feel they are moving “Home from Home” we encourage them to bring their own possessions, family photographs, ornaments, small items of furniture (providing they meet fire regulations), these will be placed in the Residents room prior to admission.

Prior to admission the Residents room will be checked to ensure:

  • Resident’s Welcome to Kestrel Grove users guide is available
  • Fresh water and glass available
  • The bed is made
  • Towels are available
  • The room is aired
  • Check the lights and Nurse call system work with call lead
  • Name label on door and for trays
  • Ensure radiator is on
  • Check any medical equipment required;Cot sides,air mattress,raised toilet seat etc


  • Remove any unwanted medical equipment
  • The wardrobe has hangers
  • The drawers and locker are clean and lined
  • Check any requests the Resident has made: ie Telephone line.
  • Check TV remote works

On Admission

Using Admission form:

  1. Take Residents personal details
  2. Admission details
  3. Medical discharge/Doctors notes
  4. Special requests: Newspapers, hairdressing etc
  5. List all personal effects onto inventory
  6. Assigned to a Staff Nurse

Under normal circumstances the resident will be taken to their room and shown how to use the call system, light switches, allow them to rest and familiarise themselves with their new surroundings. Every effort will be made to ensure the Resident feels welcome and is being looked after by friendly caring staff who are on hand 24 hours per day.