Entertainment 29th July 2019

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Monday 29th July 2019

11.15 am Maureen Exercises Lounge
2 pm Arts & Crafts Dining Room
3.30 pm Quiz in the Lounge
4.00 pm Exercise Bike in the small Lounge

Tuesday 30th July 2019

11 am Andre Rieu DVD Music in the Lounge
1 pm Catch up Film The Magnificent 7 Lounge
2.45 pm BINGO with Lisa Dining Room
BINGO – Free to play & loads of great prizes
4 pm Film Rabbit Hole in theSmall Lounge

Wednesday 31st July 2019

10.30am Music in the Lounge
11 am Daniele hand massage small Lounge
1.15 pm Film4 Anna & the King in the Lounge
3 pm One Man Stands Singing Lounge
4 pm Exercise Bike small lounge

Thursday 1st August 2019

11 am Andre Rieu Music in the Lounge

11.15 am Exercises with Maureen Small Lounge
1.30 pm ITV Racing Small Lounge

2 pm Catch Up TV Poldark Lounge
3. pm Old Fashioned Tea Outside/Dining Room
4.30 pm Sing-along Lounge

Friday 2nd August 2019

Happy Hour from 11.15am until lunch.
Drinks and snacks served in the Lounges or in your room.
2 pm Friday Exercises & Quiz in the Lounge

2pm Bridge Small Lounge
4 pm Exercise Bike in the small lounge
Hand and nail treatment throughout the day

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