Weekly entertainment 7th December to 13th December

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                                       Monday 7th December 2015

                                11.15am Adrienne exercises in the Lounge

                   1.30 pm Quiz in the Lounge

                                 2 pm Arts and Crafts in the Dining Room

                                3.00 pm Board Games in Small Lounge

                                4.30 pm Exercise bike in the Dining Room

                             4.30 pm Chanakuh Celebrations in the Dining Room

                         Tuesday 8th December 2015

                      11 am Film4 ‘High Noon’ in the Lounge

                      1.30 pm Andre Rieu DVD in the Lounge

                     2.30 pm Bingo with Lisa in the Dining Room

                    2.45 pm Film4 ‘Run Wild Run Free’ in the Lounge          

        Wednesday 9th December 2015

11.15 am Bridge in the Small Lounge

     1.15 pm Maureen Chair Exercises in the Lounge

                             2 pm General Knowledge Quiz in the Lounge                     

3 pm Lynda Styan sings  in the Lounge

4.30 pm Exercise bike in the Dining Room

                  Thursday 10th December 2015

               Shopping trip weather permitting PM

                  11.15 am Bat and Ball  in the Lounge

                       2 pm Gentle exercise with Gemma in the Lounge

                   2.40pm  Film4’ Porridge’ in the Lounge

                    4 pm Board Games in the Dining Room

Friday 11th December 2015

Drinks and snacks served in the Lounges

or in your room from 11. am

11 am St Margaret’s School singing in the Lounge


   Edge Grove Christmas Concert all afternoon

Sunday 13th December 2015

Special Concert in the Lounge at 3 pm

Stephen Melzack and daughter sing and play for you

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